It's  an account   designed    to  GROW your hard-
earned money.

FIXED INDEXED   Benefits include

 use of savings for 
Long Term Care    

if needed!) 


These plans  do not
put your money
at risk inside
the stock market.


BONUSES increase your account value;    liquidity makes it work for you  when you need it, within  est. govt. guidelines.

Are you   ready  to learn more about

financial safety!  

 Plans APPROVED for many  
 public school teachers nationally. 

 Grow your money then 

Enjoy income from your accumulation!

Defer taxes until you receive money from the contract.

Tax-deferred interest means

the money in your contract can grow faster.

Your principal and bonus are 
never subject to market index risk. 
Therefore, a downturn in market index(es)
reduce your contract values.


*Long Term Care ~ REINVENTED!
Get upside protection inside your earning program as well as loans, Death Benefit and inheritance benefits. Linked Benefits truly serve you and your family!
Joint plans work for many couples with modified  underwriting. 

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