Health Plans for Everybody!

I just changed jobs. My new company doesn't offer insurance.

What can I do?

The deductible on my health insurance is SO HIGH, 

and my premium too, no way!

I heard you offer a
better plan. Is this


We need extra protection  ~ cancer runs in our family.

I wish more people 
were aware of 
They can help pay 
      doctors, surgeons, 
                    and more!

I just graduated from
college and I don't have

a job yet. Do you have anything for me? 

Long Term Care is covered in my annuity so I don't lose   my retirement funds if I        don't need to use that LTC,  but I need a hearing aide.
Can you help me? 

I travel ALL the time so what I really need is 
Telemedicine 24/7 
so I can get antibiotics
if I need them to maintain my tour schedule.

I need discounted medical coverage until I get a raise. 

My job doesn't offer any

benefits. Besides, I want to

pay down on my student loans.

Got something that doesn't cost much?

What do you have for my

Peace of Mind?  I'm afraid an accident would wipe me out.

My partner didn't have coverage for 
rehab after the
car wreck.

Do you have any


 Smartest thing I ever did ~ starting my Long-Term Care plan in my 30s. Now I'm free to change jobs and travel without worrying about my future needs!