When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.

Finding my FIRST mentor, Robert G. Wheeler, happened after earning my Oklahoma Insurance License. His on-going guidance (2 years later) is more valuable to me than a Ph.D. in economics. He's sharing wisdom from his 44 year successful career so I know the best annuity products for each individual's needs.

How can I know what my insurance needs are?

Throughout my employment career before I retired from teaching, no one ever educated me about supplemental retirement funding. The modest weekly sums I COULD HAVE set aside would make a difference to me today. This knowledge is an authentic need. Helping you learn about it is the logical next step after my patriotic role in public school education. (I redirected my career from the fashion industry into teaching in response to 9/11.)

How can Suzie Chelsea know what's best?

Rob's expertise discovered a target group of insurance products that rise above many TV promoted policies. Expensive advertising seems counter productive to real service, Time to research the marketplace and make comparisons is my job, but thanks to Rob, he's made it simple for me to respect your time and provide the most suitable solutions for your goals. (Update: My second mentor, Bob Archer, continues to add to my professional knowledge!)

If you can't tolerate "suits and ties" talking high finance, why should you make an appointment to talk with me?

Being a people person, I genuinely like to visit with folks, and be comfortable in the process. As an independent agent (with two DYNAMIC MENTORS) we can meet at the location where you're most comfortable though I need Internet service for some discussions. We can talk about that before an appointment so I have all the answers you're seeking, and some visual representations to help make sense of some new business ideas ~ long established concepts and plans, but they might be new to you. (I've been studying and gaining field experience for two years.) I've learned quite a bit to be prepared to honor your needs and dreams.

How available am I for questions?

My contact information includes phone, email, fax and toll free numbers as well as a message link on the front page of my website. Sometimes I'm on duty on the phone til 10:30 P.M. (though I prefer to turn my phone off at 8 PM). I've met clients at 8 AM Saturday morning. It's a huge responsibility to support the needs of another. (And if the philosophy of Rob and his new partners Janie Ozment and her husband, Scott, and all my peers affiliated with Bob weren't so strongly service oriented, I would not be affiliated with them.)

If these products are "so good" which ones do I own?

I have two 403(b) fixed indexed annuities. One is a Roth IRA that goes from my teacher retirement fund into a special annuity every month. What's special is this ~ for the first SEVEN YEARS I earn 5% interest on each monthly premium! The other annuity I own earns 15% on each premium for the first 3 years! Both are ten year contracts and both are guaranteed NOT to lose any of my principle. They're both SAFE! When stock market increases I earn a percent of the increase. If it tanks, I earn a zero percent while those with their money IN the stock market will lose principle, interest accumulated and peace of mind. (Far too many folks have had to postpone retirement due to bad performance of the stock market.) For me, Zero is a hero. The benefits are delicious ~ more about that in a blog devoted to that topic.

How can I learn how to grow my money and enjoy more Peace of Mind?

Contact me via email: Chelsea.Coverage@gmail.com.

I've got three phone numbers: (918) 698-4616 or (918) 420-9999 extension 126 or (800) 420-9767 extension 126. Once we're doing business together, If I don't know an answer, and truthfully, who knows everything and, with "Honesty as the Best Policy" I'll love learning answers to your complex questions. I'm so blessed to have two mentors who care about my clients as if they are their own. Both these veteran gentlemen will meet with us if needed.

I look forward to your sharing a questions about popular products others might have suggested as "perfect" for your goals. Since you'd use a specialist to design your car or to wire your home, speaking with a professional about health, savings for retirement and other life needs is practical advise. You can applaud your friend's ideas and offer some BETTER advise to help save them some grief! Since we're talking about your money, it's worth your time to get expertise.

I’ll gladly respond to your questions and feelings about your future. Helping you make sense of what makes sense for your PEACE of MIND includes attention health and financial concerns. I look forward to hearing from you!


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