Fund YOUR Longevity

Your money can serve several purposes at the same time. If you're already saving for retirement, imagine that same resource can provide long-term care if that need arises! YESTERDAY'S LTC featured a "Use it or lose it" structure. Now, your money can multi-task! If you don't get sick and require long-term care, your annuity or life insurance funds continue to grow!

Sometimes all you need is a couple of weeks in assisted living following a surgery. In other circumstances, getting adequate Home Health Care can enable you to enjoy recovery in your own home. If you DO need funds for LTC or Home Health Care they're available if you made sound decisions about your future potential needs.

You still enjoy your savings you didn't need. They'll continue to grow according to the investment strategy you selected.

Depending on family health stories, you may add Critical Care or Cancer Care, or both, for a quite modest sum. The Girl Scout motto, "BE PREPARED!" is proving to be more relevant today than when I was a scout!

Here's another part of BEING PREPARED... Knowing about how annuity investment strategies have performed historically is part of the knowledge you get when you seek the expertise of Financial Advisers. This rigorous graduate level education is on-going as trends and new options develop. As part of a strong team, I represent strong leadership and sound ethical standards. I am NOT a Financial Adviser, but I work with one who will join me meeting with my clients when their needs require more support. Being a smart independent agent is my business model. (Who wants to be fiercely independent!)

As someone devoted to helping you realize your needs and dreams, my on-going studies and research continue to serve me so I can serve you to the best of my ability.

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