Shareable Giggles, + (NEW?) SKILLS

This newsletter from The PARKE is easy reading . Check it out! You may find a few jokes to share with grandchildren! It's EASY to get to this page. Just follow these steps.

1. Highlight the address below.(Swipe cursor with left button pressed down.)

2. "Copy" it. (With cursor on part of the highlighted area, left click again. Drop down menu will appear. Select "COPY")

3. Open an additional browser. At top of computer screen, above the address window, click the blank box. Another tab will appear.

4. Place the cursor in the address section and ~

5. "Paste" it into another browser address bar. (Right click to paste in the address below!)

Have fun! Knowing how to use these steps gives you new skills and a way to share treasures you mine on "the Web" with friends and family!

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