ALTERNATIVES to ACA (& penalty)

When a mid 50's couple is forced to pay $19,000 before receiving benefits from their Affordable Care Health Insurance Plan - the one the government said they HAD to purchase or face an annual penalty - we discovered a down to Earth option. We've contracted with a new life and health insurance company (doing business in the USA for 80 years) to provide AUTHENTIC First Dollar Benefits!

Simply bundle Health, Hospital, Accident, Critical Care and even Income Insurance with a Dental, Vision and term life to cover bases for YOU! Since Obama Care includes everyone's basic health needs - from pregnancy to Diabetes and coronary heart disease. If you're not planning on having a baby, or don't have on-going health care costs, do you really want to be paying in large sums to lighten the burden on another family or individual?

These plans rate better than average for health insurance and, they are priced to make sense and to conserve dollars!

Reasonable costs for each part of the bundle preserve capital resources while providing PEACE OF MIND!

NOW is the right time to put our consultation on the calendar! And "Yes!" We have an end run around the penalty. Let's score a touchdown for COMMON SENSE! The benefits are truly something to cheer about!

These bundles make the most sense for stakeholders currently enjoying good health.

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