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                         Peace of Mind~  

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Speaking of Peace of Mind... My brother, Steve Hardin, helped bring peace of mind to folks during his career as a songwriter and performer with heroes and outlaws, saints and dreamers . I hope we provide some and support  your greater peace of mind today. I'm sharing because insurance can be scary, but my website is designed to support your responsible choices as acts of love, not out of fear.    Please, SEE BELOW - 


Music Date  at Home... 

Steve's been listed on the 2020 ballot for the
OKLAHOMA MUSIC HALL of FAME roster! Please visit the Facebook page:

Induct Steve Hardin into OK Music Hall of Fame.

You'll find MANY great tunes and passionate videos from national broadcasts, like the "Smother's Brother's Show" and "The Glen Campbell's Goodtime Hour." 

SHARE some good tunes and make some new good times with a friend or sweetie. 

Then, please post some good vibes! Music has the power to continue to improve our lives and act as soundtracks to new memories.

You'll be playing a part helping my family realize a long overdue celebration of Steve.

I earnestly appreciate your participation!  

While previous inductees vote, the positive energy helps on many levels.  Shine On!


Please return to my page after you celebrate these gifts and opportunities ~ links to the Facebook page and the others to more special tunes. Enjoy the Journey  ~ and many new reasons for 
Oklahoma Pride!

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Steve's singing, live TV performance 
with Glen Campbell's band, 
New Calidonia ~ Steve was a member  
for five years.