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Attention ALL Women! Are you aware of the GENDER SAVINGS GAP?

Women earn 78 cents to every dollar that men earn, according to the U. S. Department of Labor. That’s 23% less than their male counterparts. On top of that, the 2010 U.S. Census reports that 42% of all women lack financial security. Here are a few hints to bridge it ~

1. Start Saving NOW!
2. Increase the sum you add regularly as your income grows.
3. Protect your portfolio with low risk investments that feature interest rates (and / or bonuses). 
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The single best piece of advice related to retirement saving is the same for everyone, whether women or not: save as much as you can, as early as you can. Start saving from the time that you get your first paying job—even if that is in your teenage years, it will form the habit of saving for the longer term and even small amounts can turn into something substantial over time.